No business operation is perfect. Chances are, at some point in your career, you may encounter a problem that needs to be addressed with a higher level of management. Many companies encourage the use of complaint reports as the proper method of formally stating a complaint. These reports are usually used to address unsatisfactory transactions or conditions concerning a company. Writing a complaint report properly is key to getting your concern heard and the problem remedied.

Address the background of the situation. Give key information such as your position and your reason for writing. State the reason for your dissatisfaction concisely.

Follow the background with a more detailed description of the problem. Report objective facts. Describe the resulting effects of the problem.

Communicate what you consider to be a satisfactory solution. Explain what you expect the other party to do in order to remedy the situation.

Add a warning if you feel that it is necessary. You may want to communicate the consequences should the other party not participate in solving the problem. This step is optional, based on your relationship with the other party and the severity of the problem.

End with a polite conclusion that expresses your optimistic outlook toward the situation. Communicate a sense of wanting to fix the problem in order to benefit both parties.


Remember to use politeness throughout the letter. Refrain from insulting the other party or sounding hostile.