You must have a license to conduct a raffle in Illinois. The Illinois Criminal Code of 1961 defines a raffle as a lottery in which a player pays or promises to pay for the chance at winning something. The winner must be determined through chance. Raffles can never be events won through a player's skill and cannot be won through placing bets on any outside sporting event. Raffle licenses in Illinois are available free of charge from the State Board of Elections. However, because some counties have special requirements, you must also consult with your local Clerk of Court before holding a raffle.

Step 1.

Download the License Application to Conduct a Raffle from the Illinois State Board of Elections (see References for the link).

Step 2.

Pay any civil penalties you owe to the State Board of Elections before filing your application. You must also be sure you have no required campaign disclosure report that is more than 10 days overdue and that you are not the subject of an unresolved civil claim. These problems will keep you from being approved for your raffle license.

Step 3.

Fill out the form with your personal and organization information. You must also include information about when you'll be conducting your raffle, how many raffles you'll have, where they'll take place and the prizes you'll give away.

Step 4.

Sign the form and have it witnessed and signed by a notary public. You must also have the chairman of your company and the company treasurer sign the form.

Step 5.

Mail the completed application to the State Board of Elections Office in either Springfield or Chicago. You can also fax the application to 217-782-5959.

Step 6.

Check with your local court to be sure that you don't have to file any additional paperwork in your country.