Opportunities to place free ads are available in many places on the Internet. You can place a free ad for anything you need to get the word out about, such as your garage sale, individual items you want to sell, or your business. Some newspapers even allow free ads when you're selling inexpensive items. Most free ads can be ordered online, even when they will appear in print publications.

Place Your Free Ad

Step 1.

Consider what you are trying to advertise. Some newspapers offer free ads when you are selling certain relatively inexpensive items. Free ads for businesses or more expensive items will be available only on websites.

Step 2.

Find websites or newspapers that offer free advertising. Type "free ads" into your favorite search engine to find possible sites to submit your ad to. Also search for newspapers in your area with free advertising sections if your product qualifies.

Step 3.

Decide which websites or newspapers you want to feature your ad. Note the different features available on various sites for free ads and which features are available only for paid ads.

Step 4.

Sign up for an account if necessary with any sites where you want to place an ad. Many sites require this before you can submit an ad. Check your email and confirm your account if necessary.

Step 5.

Fill out the form for your ad and put it in the correct category. Make it interesting and include information such as the appearance, brand name and price of what you are offering. Be sure to include appropriate contact information such as a phone number or email address.

Step 6.

Preview your ad to be certain that you have included everything you meant to say.

Step 7.

Submit your ad and wait for confirmation. You may need to check your email and click a confirmation link before your ad posts.


Online ads need a good title to get the most attention. This will be seen before the rest of your ad on most sites.

If you are advertising a garage sale or something you only want to sell locally, check your local newspaper's website for free advertising options. Craigslist is also a good choice for selling locally. Visit their website and find your city.


Make sure that your ad qualifies for a free ad. Many sites charge for certain types of ads while others are free. Job listings and real estate are common categories that otherwise free sites may charge a fee to advertise.