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Receipts: they're the little slips of paper we receive with everything we buy, from burritos to baby clothes and garbage cans to gasoline. While these innocent-looking scraps of paper we usually throw away usually seem completely unnecessary, they're actually legal documents that constitute proof of ownership and transaction--an integral part of enforcing service contracts and property disputes of all types. So while they may not be the "sexiest" part of your business, creating receipts is a skill that every business--new or old--depends on.

Open Windows Wordpad by clicking on the Windows "Start" button, then clicking on "Programs," then "Accessories" and finally double-clicking on Wordpad.

Write the name and address of your business--or your own name if creating a receipt for yourself--at the top of the page. Center this information by highlighting the entire block of type and clicking on the "Center" icon near the top of the screen, the second icon to the right of the color palette icon.

Un-select your contact information by clicking the mouse below it, and add several blank spaces by pressing "Return" several times. On the next line, type the word "Date" followed by a colon and a long line to be filled in later.

Skip two spaces, and then type "Received of" followed by a colon and a long line for the recipient's name. Skip two more spaces, then type "For" followed by a colon and another long line to be completed later.

Skip three more spaces and type, "Signed" followed by a colon and a line that will by used for your signature. Finally, underneath the signature line, type either your name, if the receipt is being issued by you personally, or the name of your business, if your business is issuing the receipt.

Print the page by clicking on the printer icon near the top of screen--the fourth icon from the left--and complete the receipt by hand. You may also copy and paste several copies of the above onto one page, and then print that page to be used as a master copy to duplicate and create multiple receipts from each printed page.


  • Many businesses use desktop publishing or word processing software to create receipts that also include their company's logo, stylized printing, framing boxes and other visual effects for their receipts. Small business accounting software features a built-in receipt printing feature for all transactions entered into the software. Generic receipt books can be purchased at most office supply stores in a variety of styles that easily provide original receipts for customers and a carbon copy for your records.


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