Creating a stock certificate isn’t difficult, but the certificate must meet the minimum form and content guidelines that is set forth by the Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA). A stock certificate shows legal ownership of a set number of shares a person owns in a corporation. Some knowledge of MBCA terminology is needed to complete the certificate.

Download a premade stock template. Using a premade stock certificate will ensure that you are within the guidelines of the MBCA. Rocket Lawyer, Microsoft Office and Hoovers Web are a few recommended sites (see "Resources") you can use to download a stock template.

Customize the downloaded template. The template should include the name and state of the corporation. Remember, when you customize the template, that it must stay within the guidelines of the MBCA.

Fill in all of the necessary information in the appropriate spaces. The information that is required is the stockholder's name, the date the stocks are being issued, and the number and class of the shares being issued. Lastly, two officers of the corporation must sign the stock certificate. Typically, the president and/or any officer of the corporation with authorization can sign.


Some state statutes require additional information, please research your state statutes prior to completing the stock certificate.