How to Dissolve a New York LLC

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Sometimes a business owner may have to dissolve his business because the business either failed or he would like to start another venture. Dissolving an LLC in New York ensures the state knows the business is no longer being operated and all pending issues with the LLC is resolved. The process of dissolving an LLC can be a short process depending on the workload of the agents at the Secretary of State.

File a final tax return for your corporation. When you file the tax return there will be an "X" at the top of the box on the form which will be marked as “final.” You can also file your final return electronically. If there are any payments and returns required, ensure you mail them to the proper tax department in New York based on where you previously mailed your taxes. When the tax department has determined that no further taxes are due you will receive a consent that shows you are eligible to have the business dissolved.

Create a certificate of dissolution. The certificate of dissolution formally informs the Department of State that you will no longer be conducting business with this particular LLC. You can either create your own by speaking with your attorney or certified public accountant or you can visit the New York Department of State website to follow their instructions for a certificate of dissolution (see Resources).

File the forms for dissolving your LLC with the New York Department of State. Send in two copies of the written consent that the tax department issued you after you filed your final tax returns, the certificate of dissolution that either you or your attorney created and a check for the fee, $60 as of April 2010, payable to the New York Department of State. You can mail or physically drop off this package at the New York Department of State, Division of Corporations in Albany or you can fax the materials for dissolution along with a credit/debit card authorization (see Resources) for the fee to 518-474-1418.


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