How to Start a Supplement Company

by Rick Suttle ; Updated September 26, 2017
There are a number of potential customers for those that start a nutritional supplement business

People can make a lot of money starting their own nutritional supplement company, especially if they find a particular niche and serve that market effectively. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are purchased by health aficionados, bodybuilders and athletes all over the world. Nutritional supplements can include anything from vitamins and protein drinks to diet aids. Nutritional manufacturers are always creating new products to compete with the latest ones on the market, which can only benefit those who are venturesome enough to start their own supplement company.

Getting Started

Go online and look at websites of the various nutritional supplement companies. Select the nutritional supplements which are most interesting or important to you. Think about how you want to sell your products: online, direct mail or direct sales. Consider affiliating with a franchise instead of starting from scratch.

Call a half dozen or more health clubs and martial arts studios in your area and find out if they are satisfied with their current wholesaler. Tell gym owners you are conducting research and ask them who supplies their products. Make a note of these suppliers, then ask the gym owners if they would consider switching wholesalers if they could receive their products at a similar cost.

Go online and look up the various wholesalers that supply your local gyms and martial arts studios. Search the Internet for other companies that supply nutritional supplements companies. Find out which ones send their products directly to individual customers. Select the wholesaler that provides you with the best combination of service and low unit cost.

Choose a name for your nutritional supplements business. Contact your local county administration office and ask them to send you an application for registering your business name or DBA (doing business as) and obtaining a vendor's license. Complete the application and mail it back, along with the required fee.

Find a web designer to create a website for your supplement business. Ask your wholesaler if they can supply pictures for the various products, or order product samples and take the pictures yourself. Write a summary of each product for the web designer. Check your website to make sure it is functional once the web designer has completed her work. Find an online payment processor, like paypal.com or paydirect.com, to process credit card transactions.

Contact gyms, martial arts studios and high school coaches in your area. Take orders directly from your catalog. Leave a business card with your contacts along with a catalog if they do not order right away. Build your local business up gradually so you can start getting repeat business.

Go online and place an ad with the Adsense program at Google.com. Find various pay-per-click sites online and place advertisements with them. Add your website to top search engines like Yahoo.com, Google.com and Lycos.com.


  • Focus most of your efforts on building your website sales. You have the greatest amount of potential customers online. You may want to hire someone who specializes in Internet marketing to help you market your nutritional supplements business. Look online for "Internet Marketing Specialists."

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