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Corded power tools play a major role in a lawn and garden enthusiast's activities. Collectively, they represent a substantial investment, one worth maintaining in good working order and repairing as needed. Cuts, nicks and abrasions to the cord itself are common in the line of duty. Damaged cord should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Repairing a Hedge Trimmer Power Cable

Determine, based on the damaged section of cable, the most effective repair method. If the cable is damaged near the plug, replace the plug. If the cable is damaged farther away from the plug, replace the entire cable.

Unplug the power cord before attempting to repair or inspect the hedge trimmer.

Cut off the old plug, including the damaged area, using the wire cutters. Trim the outer sheath of the power cable back 3/4 inch and expose the internal conductors. Strip 1/4 inch of insulation from each of the three internal conductors.

Split the new plug apart by removing the screws holding the plug together with an appropriate screw driver. Depending on the type plug to be used, this could be a Phillips or flat-head screw. Slip the end of the power cord into the new plug and connect the power cable wires.

Attach the black wire to the dark copper-colored wire screw on the plug. Attach the white wire to the light-colored screw. Connect the green (ground) wire to the green screw.

Re-assemble the new plug and tighten with appropriate screw driver. Plug the tool into a receptacle and test the hedge trimmer for proper operation.

Replace the Hedge Trimmer Power Cable

Split the handle apart on the hedge trimmer to expose the terminals connecting the power cable to the trimmer drive motor. Do this by removing the Phillips head screws holding the handle together. Remove the old power cable by unplugging the terminal connections at the ends of each of the three wires.

Lay the old power cable next to a new piece of similarly sized electrical wire. The size and rating of the cable to be used is printed along the side of the cable. Ensure the new cable is of the same size and rating.

Trim the new wire sheath back to the same length as the old power cable. Strip 1/4 inch of insulation from the end of each wire in the new cable. Fit the new wire terminals onto the ends of each wire and crimp in place with electrical crimp tool.

Fit the new electrical wire into the hedge trimmer just as the old cable was removed, and plug into the terminals.

Re-assemble the hedge trimmer handle and insert the Phillips-head screws. Make sure not to pinch the new power cable while assembling the handle. Install a new plug on the power cable.


  • An unused extension cord can be used as a replacement power cable if it is the same size/gauge as the original.


  • Always repair a damaged or nicked power cable as soon as it is discovered; continued use could result in serious injury.