Even in the toughest of economies, there will always be demand for professional painting services. Professional painters are hired by homeowners, property management companies, construction outfits, and a wide range of other companies. If you already run your own painting business, or you're looking to get into the field, the key to success in the painting industry rests not only on your abilities as a painting professional, but also on your abilities to market your business in a clear and effective way.

Things You Will Need
  • Fliers

  • Business cards

  • Business brochures

Market Your Painting Company

Step 1.

Come up with a marketing strategy that plays to your strengths and defines what you're looking to accomplish. Do you specialize in residential work, apartments, new homes, business, all of the above. Should you emphasize speed, attention to detail, courteous service, low cost? Can your company handle really large jobs? Do you have a long list of satisfied customers? Consider these issues carefully. Once you have clearly defined your marketing plan, do some research into local competitors' services and rates. By clearly understanding how much your competitors charge, as well as the services they provide, you better understand not only what price you can charge to be super competitive, but what services you can emphasize to separate your company from the others.

Step 2.

Build solid partnerships with business owners in the construction, housing and property management industries. One key to having a successful painting company is the ability to generate business fast. While this may be difficult when you start out, the best way to jump-start your business is by establishing these relationships. You will generate business and, if you do a great job, they won’t hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Step 3.

Print advertisements and business cards. Print advertising is not only a cheap method of getting your name out there in the community, but it is also an effective one. It provides tangible evidence that your business is on a solid footing. You can advertise in local newspapers, grocery stores, hospitals and restaurants. Consider taking an ad out in your local phone book. According to Entrepreneur magazine, in an article on how to start a painting business, print advertising will lead to painting opportunities you would never get simply from word of mouth or business-to-business connections.

Step 4.

Emphasize referrals, one of the best ways to generate business for your painting company. People want to know they are working with someone whom they can trust. They are interested in getting good service at a competitive price, but they also want to hire someone trustworthy enough that they can leave their house or place of business.

Step 5.

Network with others in the industry to develop new business leads. Networking can be one of the best ways to get your name out there to other professionals in related industries. It also helps you build friendships and partnerships. Make a point to network with painters, interior decorators, real estate agents, contracting companies and apartment managers. If you can't handle a particular job, or think your tijme would be better spent elsewhere, refer the customer to another company, with the understanding that they will return the favor in the future.