How to Create Territory Sales Maps

by Jackie Lohrey ; Updated September 26, 2017

Sales territory management is a critical process for maximizing productivity and increasing sales revenues. The goal is to optimize customer coverage and distribute accounts equally and equitably between sales people by establishing and maintaining balanced sales territories. Knowing how to create territory sales maps that visually display both sales territories and the customers each includes, most often makes achieving balanced sales territory goals much easier.

Constructing Territory Maps

Download and print a map of the entire United States, or state maps that correspond to current sales territories. The National Atlas -- -- has a free United States map as well as state maps that display county boundaries.

Create a color-coded map legend to link a specific color to each sales person and identify customers. Increase the usefulness of a territory sales map by identifying and assigning colors to customers within each territory according to revenue level instead of identifying customers by name.

Plot the map using lines to denote territory boundaries and colored pushpins to denote customer locations.


  • Enlarging printed maps makes them significantly more useful. If your printer does not support poster printing, consider using “Posteriza,”a free Windows software program that allows you to break the map image into smaller sections printed on individual pages. You can then then assemble the pages together to create a larger map.

    Choose legend colors that are different enough from each other to prevent confusion when viewing different sales territories and different customers or customer levels.

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