How to Get Free Forms for Farm Rental Agreements

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Entering into a farm rental agreement protects all parties involved. When you have things in writing, you can always go back over the agreement if something comes up. It is much easier to modify a written agreement than it is to argue over a verbal agreement for a farm rental.

There are several sources for free forms for farm rental agreements. You may need to customize them for your specific application and situation. Otherwise, just fill out the forms and be sure all parties received signed copies.

Check with your local Cooperative Extension office. These United States Department of Agriculture offices are connected to local universities and have several resources for you to explore. Many of the county extension offices have farm rental agreement forms in their offices or are available to download online for free.

They can also assist you in filling out the forms correctly and with general information about crops, agreements and area conditions that can assist you with all aspects of your farming business.

The Polk County Extension office and the New Mexico Extension office both have on-line, non-state-specific farm rental agreement forms that you can download and use for free. The New Mexico form also provides information that may help you to negotiate or to consider aspects of the rental you may not have considered. For example, who will provide the equipment? By reading through the free PDF farm rental agreement booklet, you may be able to plan for any future events that you had not considered at the time of signing the agreement.

The MidWest Plan Service has several free PDF lease forms available for farm rental. There are even forms for farm buildings and farm machinery lease forms available to download.

The Iowa State University helped to develop these forms and also has low-cost agricultural publications available as well.


  • Be sure to read through any agreement thoroughly before signing.



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