How to set-up a Project Management Office - PMO

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017

If you know you need a PMO then here are some steps to start setting up your Project Management Office aka PMO.

Have a PMO goal that maps to the organizations strategy: Map your PMO goals and objectives to the company strategy. If you company needs to ensure that proper project delivery and save cost then set-up your PMO to help deliver projects on-time and under budget.

Receive Senior Management support in written and financial means: Your PMO is not going anywhere unless you have a support and financial means from senior management. Gather support from Senior management and have an approved budget for your PMO set-up and maintenance.

Set-up a reporting structure that includes various lines of business: Do not be the "scape goat" in the PMO; ensure that other lines of business feel the pain and benefits of the PMO by including them in the structure set-up.

The PMO should be in charge of Process nor administration of the process: This is a strategic role within an organization to ensure that all project are running smoothly and effectively for the benefit of the whole company, the PMO is not an admin office to fill in documentation.

Set-up Standards and a high level process: If you have standards within a high-level process then you will be much more successful.

Communicate and Launch: Here it the day you have been waiting for. Have a great presentation concerning your PMO to communicate your needs, objectives and benefits. Good Luck!


  • Use the KISS Method: Keep It Simple Stupid. Let individuals see the benefits, they will come to understand the importance

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