A sense of independence is one of the main attractions that draw so many men and women into a career as a truck driver. Many of these truck drivers want to enjoy the freedom and challenges of owning their own business. Some independent drivers purchase a truck and trailer and then lease them on with a trucking company; others prefer to lease purchase a truck and still others start their own trucking company. Whichever you may choose, you’ll need to ask yourself some important questions.

Things You Will Need
  • Good credit rating

  • Commercial driver’s license

  • Operating capital

Step 1.


trucks image by max blain from Fotolia.com

Determine what step-up expenses, licensing and registration will be required to lease and operate a commercial vehicle.

Step 2.

Investigate your options between a purchasing a truck through a bank or dealer as apposed to a company-provided lease purchase option. If you purchase a truck or lease one from another source yourself and then sublease the truck to a company, you may be better off signing on with a lease-purchase option.

Step 3.

Calculate the cost of operating a lease truck prior to signing any kind of commitment. Take into consideration items such as fuel cost, taxes, insurance, plates, maintenance and tires. Breakdowns on the road can quickly run your business into the red and it can be extremely difficult to recover.

Step 4.

Check with several different trucking companies to determine if your company will be better suited to lease a truck from the company or to lease your own truck on with the company. There are several larger companies that offer a lease purchase option to drivers. The advantage here is that these companies often also provide allowances for fuel and permits.

Step 5.

Check with several insurance companies to get the best rate possible. You’ll have to have proof of insurance prior to leasing a truck on with a trucking company.


As a business owner there are some advantages to leasing a truck--the primary one is that it is tax-deductible.


Be careful when considering starting a lease-purchase with a trucking company. Look over the contracts and determine if the company offers a buy-back clause. When you lease-purchase a truck, it remains the property of the trucking company and you as a driver are tied to the company and the lease.