How to Calculate Cost Per Call

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As a business manager or owner, you must carefully balance the amount of money paid to your employees versus the amount of time and money spent on pleasing customers. A common way to interact with customers is through a call center. Call centers receive orders, take customer requests/complaints, and direct calls to the right departments. Call centers, of course, must be staffed. In addition to the salaries paid to employees to staff your call center, the calls made will cost you money. Determine your costs by calculating the cost per call; it will help you better budget your expenses.

Compile a list of all employees working in your call center.

Determine how many calls each employee handles during an average shift. To do this, look at the calls each employee makes during a week; divide that number by the number of hours an employee works.

Write out how much each employee is being paid; write this down next to the employee's name and his average number of calls during a week.

Choose a specific employee and determine the average number of calls handled by that employee during an hour. To do this, take his average calls made during a day and divide that number by the number of hours the employee works. For instance, if Joe Smith makes 80 calls during a day and works 8 hours a day, then the average amount of calls made during an hour is 10 (80 divided by 8).

Divide the calls per hour by the employee's wage. Determine the cost per call by taking the number of calls an employee takes during an hour and dividing that number by the employee's wage. Assume Joe Smith makes 10 dollars an hour. To determine your cost per call for Joe Smith, divide 10 calls per hour by 10 dollars an hour; the result is one dollar. The cost per call for Joe Smith, therefore, is one dollar.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 and divide the result by your number of employees to determine your call center's total cost per call. That is, determine the average calls per hour your call center receives and divide that number by the average wage being paid to your employees. This will show you how much each call is costing your business.