How to Complete a Sales Tax Form

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A sales tax form is a monthly, quarterly or annual form that your business uses to report its gross sales and calculate the sales tax due on these sales. Once you complete your master business license application to obtain a state business license and state business identification number, your state revenue agency will send you sales tax reporting forms according to a schedule based on your sales volume. If you keep thorough and current records of your sales figures, the process of filling out your sales tax form will be simple and straightforward.

Choose the line on the top portion of your sales tax form that corresponds to your type of business activity, such as retailing, services or manufacturing. Enter the amount of your gross sales receipts in the space provided on the line corresponding to that activity. If your business engages in multiple types of business activities, enter the amount of your sales receipts in each category on the line provided for that category. Multiply the number on each of the lines where you have entered sales information by the tax rate on that line. Add the totals for the different categories.

Enter your sales figures on each additional line on the form that asks for them. These sections break down your total sales tax into the portions relegated to your specific locality within your state. Find the code for your area on the table that you receive with your tax form, and enter it on the appropriate line, along with the local sales tax rate listed on the table.

Add the totals from each section you have filled out on the form. Enter the grand total on the lower section of the form. If your sales tax form is late, calculate your interest and penalty according to the instructions provided on the form. If you owe sales tax from previous tax periods, include these amount on the appropriate lines as well.

Sign and date your sales tax form. Mail it to the address listed on the form, along with a check for the amount you owe.