How to Fill Out a Business Deposit Slip

by Jessica Kent - Updated September 26, 2017
Woman Filling Out a Deposit Slip

The information contained on a business deposit slip may be valuable to your business at a later date. For example, if properly filled out, a deposit slip can be used to ensure a customer paid a balance and that your business deposited the check. The customer would have to provide the check number, amount and date the check was sent to your business. The check can then be traced to see if it bounced or cleared the bank. Do not take shortcuts when completing a deposit slip.

Gather all the checks to be deposited. Organize the checks according to deposit amount, from least to greatest. This will make it easier for both you and the bank teller to calculate the total deposit amount.

Complete the date portion of the deposit slip. If the deposit slip is not preprinted with your business name, address and account number, complete this information as well.

Enter the total amount of cash to be deposited in the section marked “currency.”

Enter the first check number and check amount on line 1 of the next section. Continue entering check numbers and check amounts until all checks are included on the deposit slip.

Calculate the total cash and checks to be deposited, and enter the amount in the box provided. Double-check the total before going to the bank.


  • Business owners often make copies of the checks being deposited and save them with their copy of the deposit slip. This helps if there is a question regarding a specific payment from a customer.

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