How to Purchase a Coffee Plantation

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If you're a big coffee drinker, the only thing better than drinking it might be growing it. With the right amount of money and the ability to move out of the country, it is certainly possible to purchase your own coffee plantation. Purchasing a business of this magnitude will require extensive research, financial resources, and travel, and you will need to hire individuals with experience in the industry who can guide you through the process. It is not a project to enter into lightly, and you will need months of planning and preparation.

Research the purchase and running of a coffee plantation at length before taking the next step. Read articles, books, and such publications as "Roast" magazine to fully understand the trade. Hard physical labor and sharp business acumen are necessary to successfully run a plantation.

Assess your finances to make sure you will have enough funds for both the purchase of the plantation and to operate it once it is yours. Research operating costs for five years, as well as any unexpected costs that can arise (such as equipment repair, international licensing, or special insurances), and put a business plan into place.

Decide where you want to own a plantation. Coffee requires loamy, well-drained soil, high humidity, and planting at high altitudes. You have at least 70 countries from which to choose, but not all areas in these countries are suited for coffee growing.

Locate a business broker who specializes in coffee plantations and can handle international real estate transactions. Verify this person's credentials through contacting references and any business associations that oversee his or her profession. Once you are satisified with this person's credentials, have this individual research various coffee plantations in the area where you want to make your purchase.

Secure an attorney that specializes in international real estate purchases. You will want someone who can look over the paperwork involved in purchasing an international business to ensure all documents are legal and that you are protected from fraud.

Travel to the plantation(s) that interests you, evaluating the property just as you would a house you wish to buy. Hire someone knowledgeable about growing coffee in that area to travel with you to assess the property and advise you of any pros or cons to purchasing the plantation.

Make a decision about what property to buy and make your purchase with the help of the real estate agent and attorney.


  • If you choose to purchase a plantation outside of your native country and language, you will possibly need to hire translators, as well as a bilingual realtor and attorney, to complete the transaction.


  • When making an international purchase, be aware of the currency exchange rate and this can impact your buying power and possibly cause a financial loss.