Fluorescent colors are very bright because they absorb ultraviolet light. Printing fluorescent colors is considered to be a custom job, which is more expensive than standard printing jobs and requires special handling.

Consult with your local printer for advice on cost, types of paper, and colors that print well on digital or offset printers before making a final decision on your printing job.

Select the paper for your printing job--quality, quantity, size, grain direction, weight, brand name, grade, and color (white paper is recommended for all fluorescent printing).

Select the number of fluorescent colors to be used. The more colors, the more expensive the printing job will be, because the press operator will have to clean the rollers every time a new color is added.

Make sure you see a proof prior to the printing job. Most fluorescent inks look different on a color swatch than on paper. Fluorescent inks contain more oils than standard inks, so fluorescent inks have less dot gain for vivid colors on less expensive paper, which may not be satisfactory for your printing job.


Fluorescent ink is best used on a highly absorbent uncoated paper.


Fluorescent colors will fade within a few weeks when placed in direct sunlight.