How to Create a 90 Day Sales Plan of Action

Every business needs to ramp up its sales engine from time to time for a short-term burst of revenue. Developing a 90-day sales plan of action, whether for a solo entrepreneur or a company with hundreds of well-paid and talented salespeople, requires a thoughtful approach and a determined execution to be successful.

Define the sales goal for the sales drive. The goal should be numerical. The sales goal should be put in context in terms of how it relates to the overall sales forecast that was projected for the year, as well as the areas or terrritories that are underperforming or those identified for increased efforts.

Determine the importance of the sales drive to accomplish the sales projection and outline what the shortfall would mean to company profits and other major company initiatives that might be affected by the shortfall in sale’s revenues.

Outline the responsibility of each salesperson in accomplishing the sales goal. Again, this should be a numerical goal. Each salesperson should be met with individually and given an individual sales objective and made aware of the short-term 90-day timing. Each salesperson should be made aware of the weekly sales he needs to accomplish the 90-day sales increase.

Detail the tactical strategy for assisting the sales staff in accomplishing the 90-day sales increases, including new advertising, product sales messages or new products. These marketing materials should be created and be in place at the start of the sales drive. Disseminate collateral materials as appropriate so that salespeople are fully armed with the marketing materials to accomplish the job.

Heighten the sales drive by providing incentives to reaching the sales drive numbers. Offer salespeople numerous incentives both interim and final including bonuses, trips, awards and acknowledgements to encourage them to strive earnestly and diligently to accomplish the sales goal. Each week, salespeople exceeding their sales goal should be acknowledged formally and interim incentives awarded.

Post a sales progress blackboard in the sales department with updated sales numbers for all sales personnel to see. Salespeople not meeting their weekly or monthly sales goals should be met with and counseled on strategies to improve their numbers. The sales director might consider taking a road trip to important territories to assist salespeople needing help.

Visually heighten the sales drive throughout the company. Use balloons and merchandising items like T-shirts or coffee mugs to create awareness among non-sales personnel to help emphasize the importance of the sales drive throughout the company.