How to Start a Tile Business

by Contributing Writer; Updated September 26, 2017

You can start a tile business with a very low investment. This business can be started from the comfort of your home office. Before you do anything, go to the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) website at (See Resources 1 & 2.). Study how to get your business started. Answer the (yes and no) questions under the Small Business Readiness Assessment Tools section. This is a tool to use to help you prepare for starting a tile business.

Items you will need

  • Cash
  • Office supplies
  • Tile materials and equipment
  • Business Plan
Step 1

Check with local construction companies in your area to see if you can work for a very small salary to learn the business and acquire the skills. Remember, on the job-training is the best training for learning how to start a tile business.

Step 2

After you have learned the business and acquired the skills to perform tile work, visit your local city or county office and apply for a permit or license to start a tile business.

Locate your state’s Department of Revenue using (See Reference 1). Select your state’s Department of Revenue website. Apply for your state tax ID number online.

Then, call (800) 829-4933 and apply for a federal tax ID number.

Step 3

Create a business plan to help start your tile business. First, describe yourself and provide information about your new tile business. Do this within a 200-word count.

Next, develop a marketing plan that will explain how you will attract customers. Arrange your operations plan to show exactly how you will manage the company everyday.

Finally, in the financial plan, you will explain how you will balance and manage the income and expenses of your tile business.

Step 4

Decide where you want to operate your business. Operate the tile business from home or from an outside office. Purchase custom office supplies such as work order forms, invoices and business cards from a print shop.

Visit your local hardware store (i.e., Home Depot, Loews etc.) and set up an account for the tile products you may need to purchase to complete jobs. Go door-to-door in neighborhoods where you would like to work and deliver fliers to homeowners advertising your business.

Step 5

After you have been in business for at least two years, take the course from the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation Certification (CTEF) program (See Reference 2.). This program will help you get certified.


  • Keep expenses low by operating from home. Do not buy expensive supplies and equipment. Find competitors and copy their techniques.


  • This job requires a lot of physical work. Hire a helper when you can. Spend money for the business wisely.

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