How to get your product on QVC or HSN

by braniac ; Updated September 26, 2017
Got a new product? Make money with Home Shopping -- Get your Product on QVC or HSN today!

Do you have a new innovative product that you'd like to sell on HSN or QVC home shopping channels? Follow these easy steps to get it reviewed and start making money today.

  1. Choose your Product. Make sure it's something new and innovative that solves an issue for the masses, ie weight loss, time-saving, space-saving, etc. Remember your audience is primarily female and you are speaking to middle America. Make it something that's demonstrable and it must have a unique ingredient, hook or story.
  1. Testing and Patents. If you can patent your product, that's the best thing to do, but not always necessary. The next step is getting to market quickly if it's not something that can be patented. Marketing is key to differentiate your product. You'll want to do your due diligence on any testing that will be required before you get to the shopping channels' quality assurance department.
  1. Find a spokesperson. Get your pitch on video. Make sure the spokesperson is relevant and energetic on camera. He or she should be the inventor or from the region of the key ingredient or have something compelling that drives home your product story. Get your pitch on camera; the shopping channel will ask for a test tape.
  1. Find the Right Buyer or a Broker. You can call or research online to find the right buyer for your product, or you can seek out a broker. Brokers typically charge 10% of wholesale price of your product to the channel and negotiate all terms and quality assurance, shipping, etc. for you. So if you really want the help, this may be a good way to go. Three brokers I suggest are Volition USA (,, and If you've found the right buyer yourself, then send a brief email with a deck attachment. Your main goal of the email and follow up phone call is to get a face to face meeting with your buyer.
  1. Get a face to face meeting with your buyer. Once you have the meeting, be prepared to pitch your product live as if on air. Bring props and demonstrate it live on a model or however best illustrated. For instance, if your product contains coconut oil and freesia, be sure to have actual freesia flowers and coconuts on hand. If it's a skincream, show it being put on a model and the instant effects on the skin. Have a deck (powerpoint) to walk through all the unique elements of your "pitch" and your on-air "story." Make sure you know your price and remember points for for shopping channels are typically at about 55%, so you'll need to get your manufacturing price extremely low to be competitive. They will want the lowest price possible and a configuration that's not available somewhere else.
  1. Once on air, monitor your sales per minute, pitch and audience response -- adjust your presentation accordingly. Get ready for some sleepless nights of around the clock presentations and be creative. Shopping channel retail is unlike no other; it's exhilarating, challenging and in real time. Happy Selling!

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