A sincere thank you note to your employees can boost morale and productivity, but there are certain aspects that make a thank you truly earnest. Ensure your letter is heartfelt, personalized and written so that the employee feels appreciated.

Step 1.

Hand write the note to show you took the time and effort to personalize the note rather than using a template on a computer.

Step 2.

Address the specific person in the greeting. Include “Dear” and then the employee’s name. This starts the letter with a heartfelt greeting; using just the name is too formal and businesslike.

Step 3.

Explain, in the first paragraph, how the employee has been a valuable asset to the company. Include what he has done to become an intricate part of productivity within the company.

Step 4.

Include, in the second paragraph, examples of a job well done. Explain and give an example of a specific moment when the employee went beyond the call of duty. Also, include small things the employee has done for the business, such as keeping an organized office space, decorating the waiting area, or making sure clients feel welcome.

Step 5.

End by expressing your gratitude for a job well done. Thank him for all he does, and reiterate how valuable he is to you and the company. Conclude with "Sincerely," "Sincerely yours," "Thanks again," or "Many thanks," and your signature.


Use stationary or a card to write the thank-you note; do not use business letterhead, which is is too formal and impersonal. Leave the note on the desk before the employee arrives. The card will be a nice way to start the day. Giving the note later in the day may seem to the employee that it was an afterthought.