How to Create Performance Reports

by Wendy Roltgen - Updated September 26, 2017

Businesses, hospitals and government agencies often provide performance reports to the public. Performance reports compare performance attributes to annual objectives. Performance reports are commonly produced once a year, but they can be produced more frequently.

Formal performance reports feature an introduction, background information, performance metrics definition and data. An essential component of a report is a listing of the metrics used to compare and rate performance. Metrics commonly include actual budget expenditures compared to budget, current year sales compared to sales from previous years, and the number of customer complaints received.

Create Performance Reports

Determine and gather the metrics that will be used in the performance report. For instance, a sales performance report may capture sales for the current year compared to sales for the previous five years, along with customer satisfaction metrics.

Input the performance metric data into a software program like Microsoft Excel. Use separate columns for each data set to create a table outlining the metrics.

Use Microsoft Word or another word processing software to create a performance report document. Use the first page of the document to create a cover for the performance report. Include the date, report title and business name or logo on the cover.

Write an introduction for the performance report. The introduction should provide readers with a good understanding of what the performance report is about.

Provide readers with relevant background information and clearly define the metrics used in the performance report.

Insert a performance metrics data table into the document. (In Microsoft Word, choose Insert, Table, Excel Spreadsheet.)

Add a conclusion and several recommendations at the close of the report. This will provide readers with a clear understanding of the actions that the business is taking to continue to perform well or overcome obstacles.

List references and sources used at the close of the performance report.


  • Develop an outline before sitting down to write a performance report. Determine metrics with management and track these items throughout the year to simplify reporting.


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