How to Earn Extra Income Typing/Keyboarding

Data entry workers who offer transcription services or high-level typing skills are always needed at busy companies that process information regularly. If you are handy with a keyboard and can produce work that is relatively error-free, you are eligible to earn extra cash. Supporting yourself on a typing income may be difficult unless you work extremely fast, but it can facilitate a supplemental income stream. Some companies with physical offices regularly look for help, but the virtual job market continues to expand. Search regularly to find the position that best suits your skill set.

Enroll in a full or warmup typing course to increase your proficiency on the keyboard. More speed and better accuracy will boost your ability to make money.

Register with legitimate online companies that are looking for typists. Complete any evaluations or online testing. Avoid registering with websites that require you to pay a registration fee. These sites are likely scams.

Review and accept any assignment opportunities sent to you. Fulfill the tasks required in the assignment.

Submit the finished assignment to the company and await payment. Some companies pay weekly, while others pay monthly.


  • Scan the newspaper regularly for typing and keyboarding jobs. Respond to these ads as soon as possible. Register on job sites and post your resume. Advertise your services on your Facebook page or a private blog.