Properly designed time cards are essential to the accounting of any business or organization. It's easy to create and print your own time cards using any standard word-processing program and a printer.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with word-processing program

  • Printer

  • Paper

Create A Time Card

Step 1.

Open your word-processing program and create a table. Determine how many days are in each pay period and create that many rows. Then create six columns, and label them Day, Time In, Time Out, Time In, Time Out, and Total. Under the "Day" column write each day of the pay period; for example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; or Oct. 1st, Oct. 2nd, Oct. 3rd, Oct, 4th, Oct. 5th. Or can leave these rows blank and instruct your employees to fill them out. Create a line underneath the time card chart for the total hours recorded, and type "Total" next to it.

Step 2.

Type the necessary information above and below the time card chart. For example, the top of a time card should include the employee's name, department, supervisor, and pay rate. Underneath the time card chart make two lines, for the employee's signature and date and the supervisor's signature and date. You might want to include the employee's overtime rate, address, email, and phone number.

Step 3.

You can make the time card more readable by shading alternate columns or rows. Add additional columns if you want to record overtime pay, vacation or sick pay, or other categories. Adding your company logo to the top or bottom of the time card makes it look more professional.

Step 4.

Ensure that your printer is ready to go, then print the time card by selecting "Print". You can print multiple copies of the time sheet, or print one copy and make more on a copy machine.


If your time card charts are small, save paper by printing two time sheets per page and cutting them in half.

To make your time cards more eye-catching, use colored paper.