How to Create a Maintenance Work Order Form

by Bradley James Bryant; Updated September 26, 2017

A maintenance work order form can be used for several different functions, from janitorial work and gardening, to office supplies and general appliances. The most common use of work order forms is for maintenance work. Creating a form is more difficult than it might appear. A form that is too complicated may create inefficiencies in the process; however, a form that is too generic may be inadequate for all occasions.

Step 1

Open MS Word or another desktop publishing application. You can start from scratch, use a form wizard, or download a work order template online.

Step 2

Create a line for the address or location for where the work is to be performed. This should include a unit or office number.

Step 3

Include a line for the date of entry and the date of completion. The date of entry should be next to a line for the signature of the person who originally takes the order. The date of completion should be accompanied by a line for the name of the person who completes the work.

Step 4

Create optional fields for additional information. These fields may include total work hours, costs, or parts used to finish the job. You may also want to include a section for notes.

Step 5

Decide on the format. Some work orders are in checklist form while others are meant to be completed in sections. Others may be so specific to a particular department or task that they only need columns for the task and the date of completion. The complexity of the order form depends on the needs of the work requested.

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