There are many ways to promote and advertise mental health services. You're likely to get the most benefit from your advertising if you promote your business on the Internet, but other ways may be effective as well. You will need to decide the best methods given your budget. You can do this by evaluating the various options that are available.

Step 1.

Hire a consulting firm to assist you in creating an online presence and marketing your business. Consulting companies can both design your web site and promote the services you provide online.

Step 2.

Buy an ad in the local telephone book. Many people still use the phone book to find listings for businesses in their area. Listings in a local phone book can also be found in online directories, such as the Yellow Pages Local Directory (see Resources).

Step 3.

Create a commercial to air on health-related television channels. You may also want to determine the time of day when your ad appears.

Step 4.

Sign up with Google's Adwords program to buy ad placements online. You can use Google Adwords to create an advertising campaign even if you have a very small advertising budget. Under this program, you only pay when a user clicks on one of your ads.

Step 5.

Purchase a sponsorship for a local organization or a banner ad that appears on web sites to advertise your business. Sponsorships can include the name or your business, your logo or web site and a short description of services you provide.

Step 6.

Purchase an ad on a billboard if your budget allows. Many local businesses purchase ad space on billboards to promote and market their business or services.

Step 7.

Place an ad in a well-known health magazine or periodical. Many doctors' offices have health magazines for patients to read in their waiting rooms.


Use your advertising budget wisely and choose the best outlets for your money.

To increase traffic to your business, set up your advertising campaign so that it complements the campaigns of other health-related businesses.


Be prepared to spend many hours deciding how and where to advertise to get the biggest bang for your buck.