Each state has its own requirements for swimming pool licensing. After obtaining your license, you can find a job in your area of swimming pool service or even start your own business. Follow these steps if you are looking to become licensed to clean and maintain pools.

Step 1.

Your state’s licensing board or county building department can provide you with information on requirements. Also research whether your county has any extra requirements.

Step 2.

Take preparatory courses. Many people enroll in seminars to prepare for the licensing examination. However, some states require that you take certain courses in order to even sit for the licensing exam. Florida Pool Pro is one company that provides courses to prepare you for the exam.

Step 3.

Many states require you to gain a number of training hours to take your licensing exam. Make sure you know how many hours of training you are required to have and complete that hourly requirement.

Step 4.

Study for your licensing exam. There are several commercial study guides to help you prepare for your licensing exam, such as those sold at BuildersBook.com. However, you can also look for free study guides provided by the state in which you live. For a glimpse of one of these study guides, go to cslb.ca.gov.

Step 5.

Find approved licensing examiners located near you and ask what services they offer in terms of courses, seminars and training programs.

Step 6.

Apply for and pass the licensing exam. You need to sit for the licensing exam for both pool cleaning and maintenance and pay the corresponding fees.