If you're the spokesperson for a particular project at your organization, presentations will come up. The knowledge you have on the subject is the reason you were chosen for the presentation, so it's important to make a good impression. An effective presentation board displays interesting and relevant data, without overwhelming your audience with all of the information. By providing quick facts and key points, you gain the attention and interest of co-workers and supervisors alike. If further explanation is needed, present it orally.

Things You Will Need
  • Trifold presentation board

  • Spray adhesive

  • Magic markers

  • Ruler

Step 1.

Get a sheet of paper to sketch your layout. Fold the paper into three sections, like your presentation board.

Step 2.

Decide how many pieces of information to put on the board and where to place them. Don't fill the entire board; it may look too sloppy. Leave the entire right section of the board blank.

Step 3.

Prepare information or pictures to fill the spaces you have laid out. Choose the most relevant pieces and images. Print off pictures, charts and text from a computer. Print a title for your presentation for the top of your board.

Step 4.

Place your informational pieces onto the board. Spray the back of the piece, not the board, with spray adhesive. Smooth the pieces on the board with a ruler, eliminating bubbles or creases.

Step 5.

Write notes during the meeting on the blank right-hand side of the board. Engage the audience, ask for suggestions, and write them there. Even if you don't need the suggestions, this helps keep the group engaged in your presentation.