How to Form an LLC With Rental Property

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Many investors use rental property to create "passive income." Investors can buy apartments, commercial property or even single homes to then rent out to tenants. While these properties can produce cash flow, they can also leave the owner with personal liability for the business. Putting your rental properties into an LLC will limit your personal liability with a very small initial setup cost. You can even form an LLC online for a fraction of the price of meeting an attorney in person.

Choose an available LLC name in your state. When forming an LLC for your rental properties, you need to pick a unique name that no other company is using as this name will appear on all of your documents and banking information.

Find an online LLC vendor or contact an attorney. You can work with an attorney one-on-one or form your rental property LLC online by yourself. You'll need to supply some basic information such as business address and the names and contact information of the owners.

Pick your statutory agent and pay your filing fees. Every LLC needs a registered agent on file with the state, who will be the person to receive legal correspondence on behalf of the company. When applying for an LLC for your rental property, most states charge a fee that must be paid at the time of filing.

Start operating your rental property under the LLC. The next time you take on a tenant, change all of your rental property forms and contracts to the name of your LLC instead of your personal name. Henceforward, the rental property LLC will be liable for those contracts and you personally will have limited liability.

Start a bank account for your LLC. Your LLC is its own entity, so it can open a business checking account to receive the rental income, pay the rental property expenses and debt service and pay profits to you as the owner.


  • Be sure to check a couple of online form sites before buying legal documents online. Prices to file can vary.


  • If you need further help, always consider contacting a local attorney.