How to Write Good Minutes From a Meeting

If your job requires you to go to meetings frequently, there's a good chance that you will be asked to record the minutes of a meeting at some point. Your company may have a preferred minute format, but if it doesn't, here are a few tips to help you write good meeting minutes.

Begin by recording the date and starting time of the meeting. Write down the first and last names of everyone in attendance, along with their titles. Note who is running the meeting and the meeting's topic.

Take notes that are based on the agenda items. Record the main discussion points for each item and any final decisions that are made. Note anyone who made a motion, what the motion was, who seconded the motion and the results of the vote. If the vote was not unanimous, record who voted for the motion and who voted against it.

Write down any items that need to be discussed or voted on at the next meeting. Record the date of the next meeting and the time the meeting was over.


  • Keep your meeting minutes short and to the point. Write only the necessary information. If your minutes become too long, people won't read them when you send them out.

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