How to Develop a Staffing Plan

Whether you need to address a specific staffing need or make adjustments due to a reduction in staffing, developing a staffing plan will help you to better understand what projects or tasks are covered and where possible staffing deficiencies exist.

Understand current staffing needs (i.e. for an event, for a program or for general operations). Think of them as categories and create a section for each (i.e. Special Events, Corporate Relations, Marketing and Communications).

List the key components of each category (i.e. for special events you could list the Annual Black Tie Event, Annual Retreat or Fall Conference).

List the name of the person who is currently managing each component. If the current assignment is has a specific time frame, make a note next to the person's name.

Determine where gaps exist. Once you have completed the list, look at the areas that are not adequately staffed. Consider whether or not you have an employee that can fill the need or if you need additional staffing resources.

Create a report based on your list and share with current staff or Human Resources in order to develop a strategy for meeting staffing needs.


  • Check with your staff to see if there are tasks that are not currently being covered due to limited staffing. Development of this plan should be a collaboration.


  • Be realistic. If resources are limited, you may have to prioritize which needs must be met.