How to Sell Skin Care Products

The wellness industry is enjoying a continued boom as more people desire to look and feel young and lead healthier lives. The skin care industry alone sold $6.4 billion in creams, ointments, powders, liquids and skin care nutritional supplements in 2004, according to Packaged Facts, a leading publisher of market research. The market is expected to grow, making it a recession-proof commodity.

Research a specific niche of the skin care product that appeals to you. Join newsletters, magazines and forums to keep updated on the latest changes in the industry and the newest products available.

Select a specific section of the market and a wholesale supplier. There are many choices for different skin-care products so a niche is vital and will keep you from being spread too thin on the selections that you'll need to carry.

Obtain a business license, business name and business tax identification number to establish yourself as a business specializing in skin care products. Don't forget to register with your local Better Business Bureau to establish your legitimacy as a quality business.

Set up a payment method by opening a business account with your local bank. You should be able to receive cash, money orders, checks and credit card payments as you accommodate customers' preferred payment methods.

Get to know your potential buyers. Knowing their preferences will determine which medium you use to sell through. For example, you might advertise in local papers or distribute directly to health specialty stores.

Order inventory as needed based on your weekly sales. If your business budget is large enough, pre-order monthly to get lower, bulk pricing and increase your profit margin.

Contact your buyers with updated flyers and new product choices. A handwritten thank-you note to each buyer will ensure repeat business from old and new customers.