How to Join PineCone Research

PineCone Research is an online research company that compiles results for marketing companies using consumer demographics and completed survey evaluations. PineCone Research enlists panelists to complete surveys, which are compensated based on a predetermined amount. PineCone Research panelists are eligible to complete household questionnaires; these are not compensated, however, for each household questionnaire you complete you will be entered into its current sweepstakes drawing.

Join PineCone Research by clicking on banner ads. PineCone Research does not hire panelists directly through its site; each year during its peak seasons it places banner ads on various websites. Some websites that have run PineCone Research ads are (work at home mom) and; both sites are forums for networking and finding telecommute employment.

Fill out the demographic information form completely. Once you click the banner ad you will be directed to a form that requires pertinent information such as name, address and email address. Be sure to add the correct email address since this will be the primary source for communication and registration confirmation.

Check your email for the registration confirmation link. Click on the link to confirm membership to PineCone Research.

Create a login. You will be prompted to create a login consisting of a user ID and a password; you will use this information to access the surveys you are sent from PineCone Research.

Be patient. It may take several weeks or months before you are able to complete your first survey with PineCone research; this is due to its demographic and survey analysis. PineCone Research will issue surveys according to specific guidelines. For example, it may issue someone a survey that lives in the San Francisco area with three children under the age of 35; this is based on demographics.

Keep your information updated in the PineCone Research database. Your email address should always be accurate to receive surveys and household questionnaires. Just login using your user ID and password, click on your personal profile and update any necessary information.