If your business needs a few day laborers, or you're a homeowner who needs help with some miscellaneous work around the home, it's a good idea to hire a couple of day laborers you pay by the hour for short-term work. Hiring a day laborer can save you money compared with hiring a company to do the work, or hiring a traditional employee.

Step 1.

Post a flier for day laborers at your local grocery store or restaurant that has a bulletin board. It should include your name, the scope of work you need laborers for and the rate you are willing to pay. Make sure you also include your phone number.

Step 2.

Check out an area in your town where day laborers seem to wait for work. You can tap into a whole group of people who have experience in doing many types of work, from construction and painting to finish work and landscaping.

Step 3.

Ask friends and family if they have hired any day laborers who they liked in the past. Ask about how fast their laborer was, and how much they paid, and the quality of work that was produced.

Step 4.

Draw up a quick formal contract for you and the day laborer to sign. The contract should include the date, the scope of work and the agreed upon price. You can choose to pay per hour, or pay for the job to be completed.

Step 5.

Check with your day laborer for proof of immigration status. There are many illegal immigrants who seek to get jobs without the proper documentation, and hiring an illegal immigrant is a serious crime. Any worker you want to hire should have either a work authorization card or a green card. Remember that a social security number is not an express proof of immigration status, so do not rely on one to prove that your day laborer has permission to work in the Uinted States.