How to Start an Appliance Repair Business

An appliance repair business can be quite successful when started on the right foot. Individuals working in this industry generally visit commercial and residential properties, inspect, estimate repair costs, and then perform the repair. As an individual business owner, they may or may not hire employees. Some will work out of their home and repair truck while others establish an office location. An appliance repair business is a great choice for those who are mechanically inclined to fix items such as washers, dryers, freezers, and refrigerators.

Polish repair skills by taking courses, using online tutorials or investing in a full repair education through an accredited college. The single most important aspect of starting a successful business is having the skills to perform the tasks successfully. Incorporate business management courses as well.

Develop a business and marketing plan to organize business ideas and to apply for financing. This plan outlines how the business will be funded, managed, marketed and why it will be profitable in the area.

Determine financial compatibility or the ability to run a financially successful business by researching and estimating costs and profits in the short term and long term. Acquire financing as needed for the appliance repair business to pay for start up costs including tools, vehicles and real estate if necessary.

Obtain a business license through the county or city to perform services within those limits and determine if any local permits are required by contacting the local Chamber of Commerce. Establish a business name, obtain insurance and bonding through a local insurer, and establish an employer identification number (EIN) through the Internal Revenue Service.

Begin to advertise through local word of mouth advertising, classifieds (both online and offline), and through print ads, such as in newspapers and the phone book. Network with these first clients to establish the business by giving them business cards and asking for repeat business.

Specialize if possible in areas that help the appliance repair business stand out. For example, some professionals will align themselves with specific brands by becoming certified professionals for that band. To do this,contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about this possibility through their contact information online.


  • Carefully consider starting an appliance repair business through a franchise. This may be a good way to get started quickly, but there are additional costs associated with owning a franchise. Most franchises do have specific requirements that must be followed as well.