How to Form an Association

An association is a group of individuals—either a legal entity or an informal organization—who get together for a common purpose, in a specific period and in a specific place. It typically has members in charge who oversee its goals. Members may join the association with the permission of those in charge of it. Forming an association can be a pleasant and easy experience if you follow a few simple steps.

Decide on the purpose of the association. Why is it being formed? What are the goals of the organization?

Decide on a name for the association. The name of the association should ideally be easy to understand. It should reflect the purpose of the association.

Elect officials to run the association. Someone should be in charge of the entire organization. Someone else should take charge of any funds used by the association. Elections can be held by a simple yes or no vote or by a secret ballot vote.

Decide how often the association will meet. Meetings may take place as often as members decide. They need not be formal gatherings.

Decide on a meeting place. A meeting place should allow all members to attend comfortably. Meeting places can be in someone’s place of residence or in an outside location such as a rented hall. If holding meetings in someone’s house, make sure that the number attending does not exceed the number of people legally allowed to be present.