If you have experience in the transportation industry, and you are looking for a small business start-up idea, you might want to consider starting your own car shipping company. You don't need 18-wheeler tractor-trailers to make money shipping cars locally and to other states. There is large demand to have cars moved to various locations, and you can take advantage of this business with a relatively small investment. If you already own a full sized pickup truck with a high towing capacity, you are one step ahead of the game.

Things You Will Need
  • Full sized pickup truck

  • Auto transport trailer

Step 1.

Purchase a full sized pickup truck with the highest towing capacity you can find. Dually trucks make for great auto transport towing vehicles due to their ability to hold extra weight.

Step 2.

Buy a three-axle auto transport trailer from a trailer manufacturer such as Load-Trail or TJ Trailers. These trailers should hold three to four vehicles at a time. Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to find out laws and regulations regarding gross vehicle weight limits and registration of trailers.

Step 3.

Advertise your car shipping business in the local yellow pages as well as online. Add your business listing on Google, Yahoo and MSN under "Auto Transport." Make business cards and give them to all your local towing companies. You never know when a customer who has had a vehicle towed is going to need a long-range transport of their vehicle.

Step 4.

Visit every car dealership in your area and inform them of your car shipping business. Car dealers are consistently shipping cars back and forth from one dealer to another. Contact the manager of the dealership and let him know your rates and availability.

Step 5.

Look for local auto auctions and contact the owner or the head auctioneer. Let these people know about your auto transport business and leave your business cards with the appropriate contact. Buyers who purchase large quantities of vehicles from auto auctions are always looking for ways to transport their vehicles.