How to Find Grants for Recycling

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With the awareness about global warming, pollution and waste growing, more and more individuals are recycling and doing what they can to help the environment. The government, private citizens and organizations are also doing what they can by offering grants to help individuals with recycling.

Create a list of organizations. Typically, a community recycling effort demands that local organizations or businesses get in on the action. Depending upon the kind of recycling project you're considering, local organizations might be the key. Create a list of local organizations that may be interested in providing a grant or helping with the project. Some organizations to consider include Keep America Beautiful, WWF and Green Peace.

If you're unsuccessful in your efforts to find a grant from a local organization, consider going to the state level. Many states offer grants for environmental health, and you can obtain a recycling grant this way. Often times, states receive funding from the federal government to allocate toward environmental concerns such as recycling.

There are a number of government grants available for recycling. There are several different ways to find these grants, including online resources. Visit and use the keyword search tool to find grants related to recycling. From this website, you can also check grant details to ensure that you or your organization would be eligible for a particular grant. Application forms needed to apply for the grants are also available on the site.

The Environmental Protection Agency is another great resource for finding environmental and recycling grants. Their official website keeps readers informed on the latest grants being offered and the latest movements toward protecting the environment and keeping it clean.

By following the steps above, you can find grants for recycling to fund your next recycling project.


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