There are many costs involved in running a business. While most costs are necessary, others are unnecessary and irritating. An example of an unnecessary expense is the loss of supplies and materials when employee turnover occurs. When an employee is laid off, fired or quits, he may still have job materials such as a uniform in his possession. If he does not return his uniform, the company will have to eat the cost. Learn how to create a letter to demand the return of your company uniforms.

Things You Will Need
  • Microsoft Word

  • Printer

  • Company letter head

  • Certified letter

How to Create a Letter of Demand for the Return of Company Uniforms

Step 1.

Create a letter in a word processing software. You will want to make sure the letter is typed and looks official to relay the seriousness of the situation. Make sure to include the date in the top right-hand corner of your letter. Address the letter to the individual in possession of the company uniforms. Inform him that you are writing about the company uniforms given to him when he was hired. If he signed an agreement agreeing to return the uniforms upon exiting the company, mention it. Let him know that you want the uniforms returned promptly back to the company because the uniforms are company property. Give him a date when you expect to have the uniforms returned by. Indicate that if you do not receive the uniforms back by the stated date, you will be forced to take further action against the former employee. Type an ending salutation as well as your name.

Step 2.

Print the letter up on official company letterhead and sign it before mailing it out. Print an additional copy of the letter for your records. This will also serve as proof that you sent the letter if you need it.

Step 3.

Send the letter certified mail so that the recipient has to sign for it and you have proof that he received the letter.

Step 4.

Decide what you will to as a next course of action if the employee does not return the uniforms or claims to no longer have them in his possession. One alternative is that you could send the former employee a bill for the cost of the uniforms. Sending a bill may compel the employee to go ahead and send back the uniforms.


You may want to consult a lawyer to help you with further action if the employee ignores your letter of demand as well as your bill.