How to Advertise a Business on Craigslist

Craigslist is an invaluable resource for businesses online. For years, ever since its inception, Craigslist has kept the same simple format that made it a success. The site is easy to navigate and connects people from all corners of the world. You can't even mention classifieds without thinking about whether Craigslist has exactly what you need, which is why as a business you can't overlook the potential of advertising on Craigslist.

Choose the city in which you plan to advertise your business.

Scroll down to the Services area and pick the category that most accurately describes your business. Click "Post" in the top right corner of your screen. You will again be asked for the category.

Sign up for a Craigslist account. You need to verify a working telephone number to associate with your account in order to be approved. You also need a working email address to complete the verification process. This process was established to protect Craigslist users from unscrupulous business people and make posters more responsible for what they are submitting to the site.

Type in a title that accurately describes what your business is about in 15 words or fewer. Some believe that typing in longer, more descriptive titles helps to attract attention to your listing; others believe you should be as non-specific as possible to lure viewers into clicking the ad to find out more.

Include the following details in your Craigslist business ad: what service your business provides, a short list of past clients if possible, how your business can be reached (phone number and website address), and your pricing if you are offering an exceptional price that beats the competition. Keep your description short yet informative.

Attach photos that represent your business. You can also simply attach your company logo. The picture will be displayed at the bottom of the listing.

Complete the posting process and wait for your listing to go live. It can take a few minutes before your business listing shows on the site.


  • You can repeat this process for other cities, but you will need to write a whole new title and description as Craigslist does not accept duplicate listings in different cities. You can also advertise your business under the "Jobs" section, but only if you are trying to hire new people. Don't type your ad title in all capital letters. This gives the perception that you are yelling at the reader or trying to do a "hard sell." Type it in title case instead.