Incorporating a business in Manitoba, Canada, is much like trying to incorporate a business in most Western countries. When a company becomes a corporation in nations such as Canada or the United States, it affords the business owner legal protections. In the event a Manitoba business owner is sued or must render his company bankrupt, being incorporated protects his personal assets. Incorporating a business in Manitoba can be done by the company owner through the Internet and mail.

Step 1.

Visit the website of the Province of Manitoba Name Reservation for Companies division (see Resources section). Read the guidelines for selecting your company’s corporate name, and search to ensure the name you want is not taken. For example, you could call your advertising company Smith Advertising Manitoba, Inc. if that name is available, but operate as Smith Advertising or some other name derivative.

Step 2.

Fill out the Province of Manitoba Name Reservation Form (see Resources) to reserve your corporate name.

Step 3.

Pay the $40 fee for your Manitoba corporate name reservation online with a MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Step 4.

Download, print and fill out the required Articles of Incorporation document for Manitoba (see Resources) once your corporate name has been reserved. This is a simple two-page form that can be completed in English or French, and asks for basic company and owner information such as names, addresses, corporate name and nature of business. It costs $300 to incorporate your business in Manitoba.

Step 5.

Direct any questions during the incorporation process through a telephone call to the Manitoba Companies Office at (204) 945-5999.

Step 6.

Download and print a Request for Service form (see Resources). Fill this out according to how you want to receive your corporate certificates. This is a one-page document, and there is no additional fee for being served your corporate documents when the process is completed. However, the Manitoba government requests you send it two copies of this form.

Step 7.

Mail your Articles of Incorporation and Request for Service documents and payment (check or money order in the amount of $300) to: Companies Office Woodsworth Building 1010-405 Broadway Winnepeg, R3C 3L6 You should receive your formal corporate documents within 30 days or less.