How to Get Financial Statements (Information) Online

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Financial statements are published quarterly or annually by publicly traded companies and other corporations. These statements include the balance sheet, income statements and any major changes in ownership. Analysts, bankers and investors use financial statements to value a company's financial and operational conditions. They are also used to assess the company business profitability.

Step 1

Visit the Securities and Exchange Commission's website to find financial statements online. The SEC regulates all publicly traded U.S. corporations, receives their periodic financial statements and keeps them on databases. The SEC posts these statements in its website for public access.

Step 2

Use search engines, such as Google Finance, by entering the stock ticker symbol for the company you are interested in finding financial statements. Google Finance has many of the financial statements that have been published by corporations.

Step 3

Use the company's website to find financial statements. Look at the website's investor section or the information section.

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