Driving a company logo car is a great way to make some money, get a free ride for a while, or both. In fact, with the costs of advertising sky-rocketing in many urban areas, companies are forgoing the high cost of billboards and TV-commercial advertising while taking their advertising dollars to the people. They are painting personal cars with company logos and advertisements, then paying you to drive your own car as you would normally.

Step 1.

Apply to various auto-advertising companies (see Resources). Check out the fine print on the applications: Some companies offer to put the advertising on your personal vehicle, while some offer you a free vehicle to drive. Some require you to travel a minimum number of miles, and others just ask you to maintain your normal driving habits. Be honest in your application and hope for the best.

Step 2.

Drive your normal route. Most reputable companies pay you to drive your normal routes. They base hiring you on the driving habits you already have. You just have to get used to driving in a highly visible car and be prepared for people to point at it a lot.

Step 3.

Maintain good insurance. You’re required by law to carry car insurance on any vehicle you drive. If the company gives you a free vehicle, you’ll need to carry full comprehensive and collision. You’ll need this insurance to cover you, particularly if you get in an accident and the logo vehicle needs repairs.

Step 4.

Maintain your mileage. While your regular driving habits and routes are sufficient, most company logo cars are required to meet a certain mileage. If you miss your mileage goals too often, you may have your contract terminated.

Step 5.

Be savvy. You can make up to $400 a month just driving your own car, but if the contract ends after 3 or 4 months, you’ve still got the company logo on your car. You want your contract to stipulate that the company will remove it (so they don’t get free advertising), or you can work on getting another logo job so the first logo is replaced by another.


Don't be embarrassed; people are definitely going to stare.

Prepare your kids for the idea. It can seem cool at first--until the hot pink car arrives.


Don't count on company logo-car driving to pay all the bills, but it can definitely help subsidize your income.