How to Own a Blue Wave Car Wash

Owning a Blue Wave Car Wash can be an exciting opportunity for those interested in starting their own business. Blue Wave Car Washes are independently operated and owned, so you will have an infrastructure in place. This can be a turn key approach to starting a new business.

Ask for financial information. Before purchasing a Blue Wave Car Wash, you should ask for financial statements. Ask for the UFOC investor information, which provides critical information about owning a Blue Wave Car Wash. The government requires that a business provide this information within 10 days of meeting.

Seek professional assistance in analyzing the UFOC statement. Unless finance is your area of expertise, you should hire an accountant to analysis this statement. She can assist in determining if the Blue Wave Car Wash will be profitable, and how much you can anticipate earning.

Create a business plan. Before launching your Blue Wave Car Wash, you need to create a business plan. And if you plan on securing financing, a bank will require this document. A business plan should include cost and projection analyses, working capital estimates, a marketing plan and statements of your credit worthiness and net worth. If you've never created a business plan before, consider using a template, which is offered free by companies such as Bplans.

Explore financing options. Most Blue Wave Car Wash owners need financing to launch their business. You will need to purchase the business from an existing owner and have working capital on hand to operate. Make appointments with lenders to determine what options you have available for financing.

Schedule time to shadow a Blue Wave Car Wash owner. There's no better way to determine if owning this business is right for you then shadowing an existing owner. They can answer all of your questions and provide insight into running your own car wash.


  • Consider additional costs. When considering the cost of owning a business, remember to consider how much land, equipment, fixtures and inventory will cost. Estimating your financing needs high will ensure you don't have any unexpected shortfalls.


  • Ask about Blue Wave Car Wash training. Ask what training programs are available in your area. If you don't have a lot of experience in the car wash industry, this will be helpful in launching your business.