How to Be a Motivational Speaker

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Motivational Speakers give a sense of hope, belief, energy and empowerment to the audience. Being a motivational speaker allows the speaker to present an idea and opportunity. The audience then takes the idea and tools and works toward their own success.

A good motivational speaker is Eric Bailey. Eric Bailey is the perfect combination of personality, humor and expertise. His wealth of knowledge and experience result in powerful, moving and inspiring keynotes that leave his audience in awe. If you desire to be a good motivational speaker, these qualities are essential to landing an engagement.

A good motivational speaker communicates an idea that the audience is interested in: a better job, a better family life, a better financial situation, a better life all around. The motivational speaker speaks to the audience in a way that they all can relate. Another example of a powerful motivational speaker is Maya Angelou.

A motivational speaker commands his or her audience. Think of Martin Luther King. He said, what is now a very famous saying, "I have a dream". This is an example of commanding your audience to listen, and promote their desire to follow directions to change.

To be a motivational speaker, you must be able to give an audience an experience that they remember. You must be able to touch something inside them that makes them want to hear more. Your presentation must make them want to listen to you and follow your directions. You want to have an impact on your audience. Your topic and presentation have to be powerful. To get an example, watch the video at

You may have something important and motivational to say, but do not forget your audience. Are you speaking to kids, teens, adults, men women, etc. Does this affect how you present? Identify how best to reach your targeted population. As a note, having a saying or a goal that all populations can relate to can help. For example, Barack Obama's phrase, "Yes we can" crosses all ages, races and gender.


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