How to Get a Liquor License in Ontario

by Charity Tober; Updated September 26, 2017
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Businesses located in Ontario seeking to legally sell and serve alcoholic beverages to the public must first obtain a Liquor Sales License from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The AGCO requires that each business applicant must be a registered member with the Ministry of Government Services before applying for a liquor license. Businesses can choose to apply for a Liquor Sales License, a Mini Bar License or a Liquor Sales License with a Mini Bar Endorsement.

Liquor License Application Process

Applicants must fill out the liquor license application in its entirety -- every question must be answered -- and sign and date where applicable. Other required forms include the corporate structure form, personal history reports, detailed floor plans for the establishment, establishment description form, calculation of capacity, business name registration, municipal information form and letters of compliance. All forms with instructions are available to download or print directly from the AGCO website. Applicants should mail or hand-deliver all documents, including a check, money order or credit card payment for the appropriate non-refundable application fee, to the AGCO corporate office. The entire application process typically takes between 10 and 12 weeks if all documentation is received in a timely manner.

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