How to Use Mind Control

Mind control is one of the most potent forms of control in existence. Using mind control--when applied responsibly--will allow many doors to be opened. The use of mind control is a process that must be mastered, because without knowing how to use it, mind control can be dangerous and abused easily.

Propel forward. Once you have seized control of a mind, it will be easy to get that person to go forward in their own life. Your influence is now greater than it ever could be, which can be used for good in their life. This is of course if your intentions are not more negative and selfish.

Write your own ticket. Mind control can also be used to make things happen for yourself. If you have the influence over someone who can make things happen for you, then it would be a shame to let that opportunity pass. Try not to abuse this power, though, as this person may soon feel used and it may have a negative backlash.

Accomplish a larger sum. It is said that many hands make light work, so putting an extra set of hands to work for a worthy cause to achieve what may be harder alone is the more clever way to go. Even if the individual later feels as if they have been taken advantage of, they may still be pleased to have achieved something that you needed their help to do. This type of satisfaction and gratification will often make them overlook the fact they have been controlled.

Manipulate a circumstance. Having positive control over a mind means you can manipulate situations with ease that involve this mind or in which this mind can be involved in. Two heads are better than one, and if you have someone who is dependable in your corner, you will be able to manipulate situations and circumstances to come out in your favor.

Intimidate opposition. The best armies in the world know there is strength in numbers. Having a controlled mind on your side will give you a soldier that will stand firm through any battle, and may take fire for you if necessary. Of course this is not the most ethical or moral road to take, but it may come in handy when the dust hits the fan in tough situations.


  • Using positive influence to complete positive goals when controlling a mind will often give the best results.


  • Taking advantage of someone may often produce unpredictable responses, especially if that person trusts you to lead them.