How to Write a Letter of Conditions

How to Write a Letter of Conditions. You have resolved a dispute with another party and would like to have your agreement in writing. You don't need a legal contract, but would like to write a letter outlining the agreed upon terms and conditions. Learn the best way to do it and you can write a very good letter of conditions.

Write the current date at the top of the letter. Follow the date with the addressee's street address including the city and postal code. Include the telephone number and area code beneath the address.

Create a greeting to the party or parties involved. Start the first paragraph with a summary of the current situation. Describe the situation as you see it and state the outcome of your agreement including any terms or recommendations.

Follow the summary with a detailed list of all the conditions listed in the agreement between yourself and the other party involved. Number each step and describe each condition in detail.

Use clear language that both parties and any third party can understand with ease. Avoid legal words and unclear definitions of each condition.

State your responsibility and the other party's responsibility for each term and condition. Make you list all expectations and all the steps each party must take to fulfill the agreement.

Add a clause stating that neither party will disclose any information in this agreement and that neither party will sue the other party. Include information about what either party should do if one party does not fulfill their part of the agreement.

Clarify any industry definitions so that both parties are clear of their meaning. Outline any price expectations, payments and rewards. Sign the agreement and send a copy to the other party requesting their signatures.


  • Include dates and timelines for all conditions Hire a lawyer to check over your agreement before you sign it.

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