How to Start an Air Conditioning Repair Business

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
Start an Air Conditioning Repair Business

How to Start an Air Conditioning Repair Business. In states with warm climates, air conditioning is a necessity. Folks in states like Florida and Texas simply cannot go without a working air conditioner unit. These appliances are expensive to replace, so most homeowners opt to try to fix them before springing for a new unit, which provides a thriving customer base for you to serve.

Check with your state to see what kind of license an air conditioning repair service might need. Many states require certification in HVAC repair and installation for employees of this kind of business. The company itself may need a contractor's license registered in your county of operation.

Think of a name and register it with your state. Design a logo and get business cards printed up.

Obtain any equipment you need for the repair business. You'll need a truck or van as well as all the tools necessary for servicing an air conditioner. This includes Freon and the newer Puron refrigerant.

Come up with a price list for different services your business offers. Obviously, some repairs cost more than others, and it's important to be up-front with your customers before completing any work.

Market the business in your area. Talk to property management companies to get on their vendor lists. Also, try to get contracts with commercial property owners. See if you can get work from a home warranty company. Hand out business cards and put a listing in your local phone book.

Start out by yourself and hire employees when you get so busy that you can't handle the volume alone. Your air conditioning repair business could really take off, if that's what you want. Alternatively, you could choose to stay small and service only the accounts you already have.


  • Consider doing duct cleaning as well as air conditioner repair. Preventive maintenance is a great extra service to offer.

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